Thursday, March 17, 2011

Deep Inside (a.k.a There's A Way)

This was my favourite song of ours, mainly because it's very personal to me as I wrote the words and the main chords, and because I feel it's the best in our catalogue.

Due to the rise of raunch culture I no longer call it (the quite innocently titled) "Deep Inside", although the guys will still know the song under that name. To me it's better expressed under the title "There's A Way". I think we all need to feel there's a way through our problems, especially at this time in history when so many calamities appear to be occurring and there is so much fear and trepidation about the so-called "end of the world".

My belief is that we are heading toward a new age, that these troubles are just the birth pangs of a new world wanting to come into existence. "Lo, Heaven is laid out all around ye, but yet do no see it", said Jesus Christ. For too long mankind has been focussed on its greed, its avarice, its desire to conquer and possess all that we see. This sickness has its worst expression in how we have treated the Native people of the world. We in the West think we are so enlightened when in fact we are, based on the evidence, quite insane.

I remember a Native American man who said that when he first saw a white, he was immediately struck by the manic look in the white man's eyes; to him it seemed that all white men were possessed by some inexplicable fear which drives them crazy. To the Red Man, life was simply lived, in rhythm with nature and in tune with the Earth; what need do you have for fear when you are living in harmony with All and you desire nothing? Desire breeds fear...and fear drives us mad.

The drive for ownership has gotten out of control in our European culture. We need to return to simple rhythms, not necessary a completely minimalistic life but a life where all things are in their proper persepective. As far as I am concerned, the present tribulations are a gentle reminder to get back in harmony, to reset our values to be in alignment with the gentle rhythms of the earth. To this end we will need new technology, one that instead of being based on the idea of destruction (splitting the atom, the agitation of electricity, the burning of coal), it will be based on the idea of nurturance and creation (the energising power of the Sun, the natural power of the wind, and perhaps also superconductivity).

There's A Way tries to give a beacon of hope; a reminder that although we are all just "flowing with the tide" and "hating what we see", there is something working on all our behalf to push things forward to a better tomorrow. And yes though there is fear and pain, there is also hope, and it is we who need to learn to "see heaven in our midst" so as to make that a reality.

It's all about Mind - how you choose to see things is what becomes your reality.

God bless to all.

Lyrics (c) Anthony Tobin, 1995 and 2011.

Flowing with the tide
Burning deep inside
Hating what you see
Wanting to be free

There’s a way for you to make it through

People never know
The inside of your soul
They can never see
What you need to be

But there’s a way for you to make it through

And the pain that you feel
You can’t tell if it’s real, yeah
As your life slips away
Hold on to every day
As the world keeps turning
You feel the fire burning
All the sadness you see
Inside of you and me…

As the end draws near
The old things disappear
Have we come so far…?
We don’t know who we are

There’s a way for us to make it through

And through the pages of all time
Comes the rhyme and the song of all mankind
And with the memories of the past
Here at last we can all look back and see
How the war was fought and won
For everyone, the children of the sun
See the light that never ends
Don’t pretend it isn’t burning deep inside...

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